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My name is Paul and I have developed, written, produced, and hosted content dedicated to online destinations for over five years.

What the devil does that mean? All good questions…

I specialize in creating broadcast quality content, on small to large budgets (three to seven figures), intended for online audiences i.e. people who are inclined to digesting their information/entertainment experiences via the web.

My strengths are:

1) the ability to work in high pressure environments

2) the diversity of my skills (I am comfortable with every aspect of the post-production process, can single handedly oversee script/editorial, and have years of on-camera, hosting experience)

3) The ability to develop, deliver, and adhere to a client’s product and brand vision

4) The drive and ambition to want others around me to succeed

5) A very strong understanding of online audiences across a number of specific subjects/topics (video games, television, sports, pop culture, and social media)

All that sounds fantastic, but how can I back it up?

I began as a commercial actor in Chicago, while I was a communications student (Radio, Television and Film) at DePaul University.¬†After graduation, I transitioned to freelance writing for one of France’s largest movie publications (Le’Cran Fantastique), and parlayed this experience into becoming a video game journalist and head writer for the first ever video game online series (The Jace Hall Show on IGN).

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You gotta start somewhere…

From here I began my roughly 2.5 year journey on Hulu’s first ever original series (The Morning After) in which I was a writer, host, and segment producer. This show allowed me to run a writer’s room, develop branded content, conduct celebrity interviews, and host over 100 episodes of a program that routinely saw over 500,000 weekly viewers.

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Lake Powell — 15 minutes off site of “John Carter of Mars” set for L’cran Fantastique

I took this experience and moved into the venture of developing LIVE content, which I did for Twitch.TV (Game Talk Live), creating and producing over 90 episodes of Twitch’s first ever live video game talk show that received on average 250,000 viewers per week; a demographic that is known to be one of the most difficult audiences to engage/draw-in.

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I have also created branded content as a host, writer, and as a producer for Pure Protein and most recently NVIDIA’s Game 24 — where I led small teams of writers, editors, and graphic artists to create the highest quality and most engaging video features possible — under strict deadlines and guidelines from the client.

My ultimate goal is to put myself in a position where I can allow any creative idea to come to life, be it a 30 second commercial that introduces audiences to a revolutionary product that will improve their life, or a 5-part online series that takes viewers on a ride that is an unparalleled on any other platform.

Thank you for allowing me to make my pitch, as ambitious as it may be. I look forward to the potential of working with you, and thank you again for taking the time to look through some of my work and better understand my vision.

Paul Nyhart